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WPG Media is a multi-medial company specialised in publishing relevant and high-quality products. Our brands include Happinez, Runner’s World, Bicycling, Yoga Magazine, Psychologie Magazine, Vrij Nederland, and the children’s books publishers Querido Children and Young-Adult Books, Leopold and Ploegsma.


What can we do for you?

Are you looking for a platform to promote your brand or product and increase traffic or attention within the target group you need? Are you looking for the media expert you can use for your purposes? WPG Media offers you the perfect media mix, via our own brands or custom made.

Advertising is possible in cooperation with all our brands: in print, online, as partnership or custom made media. With our Dutch brands on the extensive Dutch market, or via our international issues. Our partner in media sales is Value Zipper: www.valuezipper.nl | info@valuezipper.nl | +31 20-2105463.


Our brands are successful in the Netherlands, but we also publish our magazines abroad, where they are met with enthusiasm. Read about the international versions of Happinez, Yoga Magazine, or Psychologie Magazine.


The brands


Happinez is a magazine for women interested in meaning and insight, combined with a pure, stylish way of life. Happinez offers a wide variety of subjects in wisdom, psychology and spirituality. The brand adds an extra dimension to themes such as life and work, living, health, nutrition, travel and nature, art and culture, as it aims to be a source of inspiration for its readers through interviews, reports and background items as well as great photography and eye-catching design.

The Happinez-reader is a modern, highly-educated and well-to-do woman between the ages of 29 and 55. She is interested in self-development and emotional growth and wants to enjoy life in all its aspects. She is socially active, enjoys reading and music, theatre, nature and culture, and regularly goes on holidays.

Happinez is published as a licenced issue in Germany, Switzerland, France and more, as well as an English, international issue which we create with our in-house editors (the full international reach is 1.3 million). Interested in advertising, cooperation or promotion with our (international) issues? Work with Happinez? Contact: media@weekbladpers.nl

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Psychologie Magazine

Psychologie Magazine provides greater understanding into oneself and others. It is one of the few titles in the women’s magazine segment that offers identification, personal exploration, inspiration, and self-confidence. Each month the magazine features intelligent, insightful stories on human behaviour, personality, relationships and health. The website highlights personal growth and practical support, with training programs and tests. Psychologie Magazine helps its readers to aim for the best within themselves.

The Psychologie Magazine-reader is a positive, self-aware woman who is receptive to life, highly interested in personal growth and makes well-considered nutrition and health choices. She is well-educated, between the ages of 25 and 49, well-to-do, inquisitive, socially involved and quality-minded.

Psychologie Magazine publishes licenced issues in Germany and France. Interested in advertising, cooperation or promotion? Work with Psychologie Magazine? Contact: media@weekbladpers.nl

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Yoga Magazine

Yoga Magazine offers inspiration for a relaxed and healthy lifestyle: the yoga way of life. It provides tools to live life with less stress, more meaning, and greater pleasure. The brand teaches that yoga provides balance and harmony and will increase energy and vitality. The magazine includes exercises, tips and a life philosophy for yogi of all levels.

The Yoga Magazine-reader is a man or woman who consciously focusses on health, meaning, sustainability and enjoyment. He or she is well-educated, well-to-do, interested in culture and socially involved.

Yoga Magazine publishes a licenced issue in France. Interested in advertising, cooperation or promotion? Work with Yoga Magazine? Contact: media@weekbladpers.nl

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Runner’s World

Runner’s World (licenced issue) is the largest running magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium. It informs, entertains and inspires all runners, from beginners to experienced marathon runners. In addition to the highly praised monthly magazine – which won the award of Best Dutch Magazine 2015 at the main magazine award gala – and its specials, Runner’s World has a strong online presence. Not only through its website (Runnersweb.nl), Runner’s World TV, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, apps and the personalised online magazines, but also through working with 25 influential running bloggers.

The Runner’s World reader is an avid runner, and interested in health, nutrition, and running events and races. He or she is an active reader between the ages of 30 and 50, with a target-oriented and healthy lifestyle.

Work with Runner’s World? Contact: media@weekbladpers.nl

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Vrij Nederland

Vrij Nederland is an independent source of information and inspiration on current and worldly affairs. The magazine writes clearly, openly and involved about politics, society, culture, and technology and science. Vrij Nederland, with its rich history that started in World War II, is dynamic, inspirational and focuses on innovation and progress. With its inherent authority it helps form opinions.
The Vrij Nederland reader is a thinker, who is active, socially involved and a critical consumer. He or she looks to improve the quality of life, is well-educated and well-to-do with a wide social orientation and cultural interests.

Work with Vrij Nederland? Contact: media@weekbladpers.nl

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Bicycling is a cycling platform that focusses on the person on the bike. With stories by real people, interviews about exceptional people, in the Netherlands and across the world. In print and online. Bicycling writes about nutrition and food, the latest trends, body and mind, and bicycle tests – profound and with hunour. Bicycling connects millions of people worldwide, for who cycling is the centre of their adventurous lives.

Work with Bicycling? Contact: media@weekbladpers.nl

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Voetbal International

Voetbal International has been the leading soccer medium in the Netherlands for the past 50 years. More than half of the 2.56 million Dutch soccerfans reads and follows Voetbal International. The brand delivers intense soccer entertainment and information, in print and online.

Work with Voetbal International? Contact: media@weekbladpers.nl

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WPG Children’s media


Our children’s book publishers are Querido Kinderboeken, Leopold en Ploegsma. The books – that include many of the most read and loved children’s charachters – are perfect as marketing tools and other promotion.

Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us: sabine.poot@wpgmedia.nl